Dear Members and Friends of the New York Fire Alarm Association:
There has never been a more critical time to work together to safeguard lives than now. We are all too well aware of the loss of life, business, and normality brought about by the COVID-19 Pandemic.
 For the past 45 days, our communications to our Members and Friends, have been directly related to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The NYFAA is making every effort to communicate timely, new and important information related to industry changes concerning this crisis. We have shared information on Federal and New York State Regulation and Support, Temporary NYC Department of Buildings Service Notices and FDNY Plan Intake and Inspection Procedures.
Important Questions some members have asked:
  • Is our Industry considered an Essential Business under the Governors Executive Order 202.6? The Answer is Yes – On 3/21/2020 we sent out Guidance on how to Apply for Essential Business Designation.
  • What Temporary Changes has the FDNY made during this Pandemic? We have sent out all Plan Intake – Plan Review – Plan Inspection – FDNY Hours of Operation Changes within hours of receiving these communications. 
  • Do our Cities Building Fire & Security Systems need to be Monitored and Maintained this Pandemic? The answer is yes; The FDNY has maintained their requirement regarding building safety as it relates to the current COVID-19 crisis. Monitoring of fire alarm systems is no exception & provides critical notification to first responders when required.  
As always, if you have a question(s) or would like to share any information with your fellow members please e-mail, Perette Ross, our Executive Director at
In an effort to get back to some sort of normality, I would like to touch on some Industry Updates. 
  • FDNY Professional Certification Program is Moving Forward. As we receive more information, we will get it to you. 
  • FDNY is working on a revised Electronic Filing System. As we receive more information we will get it to you.
March 11, 2020 General Meeting – Summary and Update
Our March 11th Seminar Program was on Power Class 1, 2 & 3 Cabling Code and how it relates to High and Low Voltage Systems presented by Tom Terino from the Electrical Training Center, Inc. We would like to thank Sal Ferrara and Tom Terino. The program presentation was very informative. 
Our Dinner Presentation was a discussion – led by me. The Topic of Discussion was “How can the NYFAA do a Better Job for our Members?” Members were asked to participate in an Open Forum to discuss what we can do “Together to Make a Real Difference for our Industry”. We made some progress but I am not willing to stop here or settle for less than hearing from at least 75% of our Members, Friends and AHJ’s. Since, many members were not able to attend the March 11th NYFAA General Meeting, I really want to hear from you.
Below are some suggestions, including next steps, from our discussion: 
  1. Members Only Section on NYFAA Website – can be used as an open Forum Xchange of Members Only Ideas, have the availability to view Video Clips from our Presentations and perhaps post copies of our presentations with the permission of the author. We are investigating the cost, timing on this feature.
  2. FDNY Letter of Defect Database – create a database recording the common FDNY Inspection Defects without revealing the Inspector, the Company or the Facility. The NYFAA will compile the database and make sure we share this database with the FDNY on a Monthly Basis.  NYFAA to create a submission format and process for Members.
  3. FDNY Seminar of How To’s – topics, such as, Better Preparation for a FDNY Inspection, what companies should be doing to properly prepare an As-built Document, a Proper Fire Alarm Functionality Matrix & Statement. Review the 2012 Bulletin on How to Prepare a Proper As-Built. Timing TBD.
We also discussed ideas for requested future programs on Elevator Control, Alarm Verification, CO Alarm Notification and how it is related to Cross-zoning. The NYFAA Code Committee will be working with the Program Committee to bring you valuable, informative programs in the future. 
Let’s keep the momentum going that was started at the March 11th General Meeting. 
I am “Leaving the Door Open”. I am asking all of you, Members and Friends to share your input.  
Send an e-mail to
Thank you all for the continued support, Stay Healthy and Stay Safe! 
Sincerely Your President,
John DiStefano