Glenn Walter

Glenn Walter

New York Fire Alarm Association Board of Directors and Members

We express our sincerest thanks to Commissioner Dan Nigro for the time he spent with us on Wednesday, January 11th.

The Commissioner’s presence at this event was greatly appreciated and enjoyed by each and every attendee.

Commissioner Nigro’s message was equally inspiring to us all, as he explained that this past year’s statistics on fire fatalities and injuries were way down. He attributed this to a greater effort toward fire education and awareness.

What we should be most proud of is the fact that he said that there no fatalities attributed to events in commercial properties, only dwellings that were not subject to inspection.

This is a testimonial that the efforts of fire, and fire prevention officials, in cooperation with our industry, are working. Every day.

However, there is no resting on small success here.

We all know that circumstances, unforeseen, can change those statistics in a “New York Minute”.

That is why we must continue our work together to develop best-practices for even those areas of vulnerability that are not readily apparent.

This is how we keep building the safest city in the world.

Thank you Commissioner, and thank you members.

God Bless you all.

Glenn Walter, President